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-===== Mobilize Teacher Tool Process ===== 
-The instructions below are a step-by-step process Mobilize teachers will use to generate accounts for their students during the 2013-2014 school year. 
-==== 0 Gather Account Info! ==== 
-To make it through this process you'll need your account info for LAUSD ISIS, as well as your Mobilize account (looks like lausd-00000). ​ If you do not yet have a Mobilize account, you'll need to contact [[:​contact|Mobilize Support]]. 
-==== 1 Accept the Account Policy ==== 
-Before you can create classes and student accounts, you'll need to read and accept the extended account policy that comes along with the added responsibility of these account privileges. 
-  * Visit https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​policy 
-  * Log in with your Mobilize account (looks like lausd-00000). 
-  * Read all items and click "I accept."​ to confirm your understanding. 
-  * **Note that it can take up to 15 minutes for your account to be enabled.** 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool10.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-==== 2 Download Roster from ISIS ==== 
-You'll need to download your rosters in CSV (comma-separated value) format from ISIS.  Below are detailed instructions (and screenshots) to help! 
-  * Visit http://​isis.lausd.net 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool08.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Scroll to the bottom and click "​LAUSDMAX Admin/​Teacher Login" 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool09.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Log in using your LAUSD credentials. 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool01.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Click the "​Reports"​ tab. 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool02.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * In the new window, click "​Teacher."​ 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool03.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Click "​Five/​Ten Column Class Worksheet."​ 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool04.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Select the period you are creating a class for, CSV as output format, check "Merge Roster."​ 
-  * Click "​Generate Report."​ 
-  * The report will either (depending on your browser) download immediately , or you will need to select "​save"​ and choose the location where you'd like to save the report. 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool06.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-==== 3 Upload Roster ==== 
-Finding your downloaded roster will be slightly different depending on your browser, and computer operating system. ​ You may want to locate this file in your Downloads folder, on your Desktop or other custom location before starting this process (Caution: don't attempt to open or edit the csv file, as you may inadvertently change the format). 
-  * Visit https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​teacher 
-  * Log in with your Mobilize account (looks like lausd-00000). 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool11.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Scroll to "​Create New Class."​ 
-  * Select your class semester, period and subject. 
-  * Click "​create."​ 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool12.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Your class list will be updated and the new class will be highlighted,​ click "​Select"​ next to this class. 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool13.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-  * Under "​Upload Roster"​ click the "​Choose file" button and browse to your downloaded class roster (in the example, the file is named RPT_AT0068.CSV) 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool14.png?​direct&​700 |}} 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool15.png?​direct&​700 |}}  
-  * You will see a status message showing that your students have been uploaded. 
-{{ :​app:​web:​teacher_tool16.png?​direct&​700 |}}  
-==== 4 Updating Roster ==== 
-We understand that the first roster you upload may not be complete (or may contain students who have since dropped from your class). ​ Because of this, we've made it possible for you to very easily make changes to your roster. 
-  * Repeat step 2 above to downloaded the latest version of your roster from ISIS. 
-  * Visit https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​teacher 
-  * Log in with your Mobilize account (looks like lausd-00000). 
-  * Click "​Select"​ next to the class you'd like to update. 
-  * Under "​Upload Roster"​ click the "​Choose file" button and browse to your downloaded class roster. 
-  * After your roster uploads, there will be a descriptive status informing you of changes: 1- any new students who have been added (highlighted in green) and 2- any students who were not found in the roster, that you may choose to delete (highlighted in red). 
-==== FAQs ==== 
-  * Q. Can I change a student'​s password if they'​ve forgotten it? 
-  * A. Yes! Just find their name in your class list and click "​Change Password"​. 
-  * Q. Next to my student'​s account it lists <​changed>​ under password. What does this mean? 
-  * A. This means the student'​s password has been changed from the initial password. You are still able to change it if necessary. 
-  * Q. Something doesn'​t seem to be working on this page. Is my browser supported? 
-  * A. Please refer to the "​Mobilize Web" section on our [[requirements#​mobilize_web_browser_requirements|minimum requirements]] page.