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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to complete the consent forms?

A: As part of the Mobilize project, students will be pioneering a new and exciting ECS curriculum (namely unit 5) that brings in computation thinking concepts, hands-on data collection using smart phones and data analysis, all of which are important in the current modern digital world. In this curriculum, students will have an option of using your own smartphones or borrow Mobilize smartphones to do data collection. We will also be providing you with a web-based tool for doing data analysis. However, in order to participate in any part of this unit, students are required to fill out consent forms. The consent form package contains detail information about the project and what students, teachers and the Mobilize project team will be doing. It is very important that students and parents look over the forms and get them all signed. To make it easier, all the signature pages are printed on green paper.

Q: Do I have to be responsible for the Mobilize phone?

A: The smart phones that we will loan to you are HTC Mytouch Slide 4G phones. If you decide to get a loaned phone, you will be responsible for the phone while it is under your possession. The Mobilize phones will be reused by other students in other schools or your peers in the subsequent years. Therefore, it is important that the phones come back intact and in good condition. Please use it with care and do not lose it.

Q: “Do I have to pay for the phone if I lose it?”

A: No. You won't be charged if you lose it. However, it is important for you to be aware that the phones will be reused by other students in other schools and in subsequent years. If we don't have the phones back, fewer fellow students will be able to praticipate in this exciting curriculum to learn important skills relevant to the modern world.

Q: “How much data will the Mobilize phone app use?”

A: The amount of data the app uses depends on the number of surveys and images. It shouldn't need more than 3MB for 80 surveys with images. However, if you are concerned about your data plan usage, you can go to ohmage setting and set the app to only upload surveys using Wifi. Please note that this setting is not available on IOS app.

Q: “What are the Minimum device and software requirement to participate in the Mobilize project?”

A: Please visit Requirements for this information.