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-===== Mobilize Prime 2013-14: ONESTOP ===== 
-This wiki provides a single page with a step-by-step process (and all necessary links) required to participate in the Mobilize unit.  
-This content is currently in the process of being updated for the ECS 2013-2014 Mobilize Prime deployment, so check back frequently for new information! 
-==== Step 0 - Fill Out Consent Forms/​Receive Information Sheets ==== 
-  * {{:​wiki:​document-sign-2.png?​nolink&​20|}} Teachers will be asked to sign consent forms before implementing the unit.  ​ 
-  * Students will be provided with Information Sheets (English and Spanish versions) that describes the curriculum and what their child to be doing during the Mobilize unit.  
-==== Step 1 - Creating your classes and student accounts ==== 
-  * {{:​wiki:​computer-3.png?​nolink&​20}} Teachers make sure that they and their students will have access a computer lab that satisfies the [[https://​wiki.mobilizingcs.org/​requirements|minimum software requirements]]. ​ 
-  * To prevent a blank screen issue due to the LAUSD firewall, please follow [[http://​www.lausd.k12.ca.us/​lausd/​help_files/​cert_filter.htm| the LAUSD instructions for installing their root certificate]] on your and your students'​ browsers. ​ 
-  * {{:​wiki:​mobilize_finallogo_cmyk.png?​nolink&​60|}} Each Mobilize teacher creates their own classes and student accounts by following [[https://​wiki.mobilizingcs.org/​app/​web/​teacher|the Mobilize Class Setup Process]]. ​ 
-==== Step 2 - Students Install the Mobilize App and Login ==== 
-  * {{:​wiki:​logo.png?​nolink&​25|}} The Mobilize app now supports various Android smartphones and IOS devices (iPhones, iPod touches with camera). Students are asked to use their own devices for data collection exercises. **Please note that the network consumption of the app is very minimal**. Students can install the Mobilize apps via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store: 
-    * Google Play Store: ​ 
-      * Search for "UCLA MobilizingCS"​ app or download from [[https://​play.google.com/​store/​apps/​details?​id=org.ohmage.mobilizingcs|play store]] 
-      * Search for "​SystemSens"​ app or download from [[https://​play.google.com/​store/​apps/​details?​id=edu.ucla.cens.systemsens|play store]] 
-    * iOS App Store: 
-      * Search for "UCLA MobilizingCS"​ app or download from [[https://​itunes.apple.com/​us/​app/​mobilize-mwf/​id601202066?​mt=8|app store]] 
-    * For students that do not have smartphones,​ go to the Mobilize web-based application at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​survey]] to collect data. 
-  * Visit http://​wiki.mobilizingcs.org/​home for Mobilize technology description,​ as well as, online and video tutorials. ​ 
-  * {{:​wiki:​mobilize_finallogo_cmyk.png?​nolink&​60|}} Distribute user names and passwords. To obtain user names and passwords, login to the Mobilize teacher tool at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​teacher]],​ select an appropriate class, then click on the "​print"​ button. ​ 
-==== Step 3 - Implement Mobilize Prime Lessons ==== 
-  * {{:​wiki:​mobilize_finallogo_cmyk.png?​nolink&​60}} The following tools are available for the lessons. ​ 
-    * Mobilize web frontend at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​web]] for campaign upload, data collection, data management, data exploration. ​ 
-    * Public SnackBoard at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​publicsnack]] to interactively explore snack data collected by Mobilize students during Spring 2012. 
-    * Public AdvertisementBoard at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​publicmedia]] to interactively explore advertisement data collected by Mobilize students during Spring 2012. 
-    * Campaign Authoring Tool at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​authoring]] to create campaigns. The following wiki provides [[https://​wiki.mobilizingcs.org/​xml|how-to]]. ​ 
-    * Rstudio at [[https://​rstudio.mobilizingcs.org/​authoring]] for in-depth analysis. ​ 
-Note: The following [[https://​wiki.mobilizingcs.org/​urls|link]] provides a complete list of tools. ​ 
-==== Step 4 - Complete Post-Assessment on Survey Monkey ==== 
-  * Please ask students to provide some feedback. We will provide more information later. ​ 
-==== Step 5 (Post Lesson) - Upload students'​ projects ==== 
-  * {{:​wiki:​mobilize_finallogo_cmyk.png?​nolink&​60|}} Login to the Mobilize web frontend at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​web]],​ then click on the "​Document"​ tab to upload students projects: 
-    * Click "​Upload Documents"​ 
-    * Click "​Choose File" and select the file from your local system 
-      * If you'd like to test the functionality,​ {{:​onestop:​blue_parent_info_sheet_approved_09.05.13.pdf|here'​s a sample file to use}} 
-    * Click "Add Classes"​ and select one of your classes 
-    * Click "​save"​ to finish upload.