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Mobilize Prime 2013-14: ONESTOP

This wiki provides a single page with a step-by-step process (and all necessary links) required to participate in the Mobilize unit.

This content is currently in the process of being updated for the ECS 2013-2014 Mobilize Prime deployment, so check back frequently for new information!

  • You will be asked to sign a consent form before implementing the unit. Parents will be provided with Information Sheets (English and Spanish versions) that describes the curriculum and what to expect their child to be doing during the Mobilize unit.

Step 2 - Students Can Easily Determine the Compatibility of their Device & Install the Mobilize App

  • The Mobilize app now supports various Android smartphones and IOS devices (iPhones, iPod touches with camera). Therefore, this year we're encouraging students to use their own devices.
  • We've developed a web program that will allow students to find out very quickly if their devices are supported. Please take a few moments during class to have students visit the site below on THEIR devices and answer a few questions to help us coordinate Mobilize loaner devices. Students without mobile devices should submit this questionnaire via desktop browsers.

For students using their own devices, they can install the Mobilize apps via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store:

  • Google Play Store:
  • Search for “UCLA MobilizingCS” app or download from play store
  • Search for “SystemSens” app or download from play store
  • iOS App Store:
  • Search for “Mobilize MWF” app or download from app store
  • These links can also be obtained easily from

Additionally, visit for Mobilize technology description, as well as, online and video tutorials.

Step 3 - Students Take the "Pre-Q"

  • A Mobilize staff member will come to your classroom to administer the student pre-questionnaire (or “pre-q”) BEFORE you begin the unit.
  • The pre-q includes a series of data-related tasks as well as short survey about students' attitudes towards computer science and should take approximately 30 minutes (1 class period including directions, passing out pre-q's, etc.) to complete.
  • Teachers will be asked to complete a short pre-survey during the same class period.
  • Contact Laquita Stewart at or 310-794-9151 to schedule a “pre-q” visit.

Step 4 - At the End of Unit, Students Take the "Post-Q"

  • At the end of the unit, a Mobilize staff member will come to your classroom to administer the student post-questionnaire (or “post-q”).