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Mobilize Prime 2013-14: ONESTOP

This wiki provides a single page with a step-by-step process (and all necessary links) required to participate in the Mobilize unit.

This content is currently in the process of being updated for the ECS 2013-2014 Mobilize Prime deployment, so check back frequently for new information!

  • Teachers will be asked to sign consent forms before implementing the unit.
  • Students will be provided with Information Sheets (English and Spanish versions) that describes the curriculum and what their child to be doing during the Mobilize unit.

Step 2 - Creating your classes and student accounts

Step 3 - Students Install the Mobilize App and Login

  • The Mobilize app now supports various Android smartphones and IOS devices (iPhones, iPod touches with camera). Students are asked to use their own devices for data collection exercises. Please note that the network consumption of the app is very minimal. Students can install the Mobilize apps via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store:
    • Google Play Store:
      • Search for “UCLA MobilizingCS” app or download from play store
      • Search for “SystemSens” app or download from play store
    • iOS App Store:
      • Search for “UCLA MobilizingCS” app or download from app store
    • For students that do not have smartphones, go to the Mobilize web-based application at to collect data.
  • Visit for Mobilize technology description, as well as, online and video tutorials.
  • Distribute user names and passwords. To obtain user names and passwords, login to the Mobilize teacher tool at, select an appropriate class, then click on the “print” button.

Step 4 - Implement Mobilize Prime Lessons

Note: The following link provides a complete list of tools.

Step 5 - At the End of Unit, Students Take the "Post-Q"

  • At the end of the unit, students complete post-questionnaire (or “post-q”).

Step 6 (Post Lesson) Upload students' projects

  • Login to the Mobilize web frontend at, then click on the “Document” tab to upload students projects:
    • Click “Upload Documents”
    • Click “Choose File” and select the file from your local system
    • Click “Add Classes” and select one of your classes
    • Click “save” to finish upload.