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Resources related to the past Mobilize professional developments are provided below:

Math and Science

  • Summer PD (06/9/14-06/12/14)
    • Got Data?: This animation shows the number of births that occured for each day in 1978 in the United States.
      • Plot detail
        • The x-axis is the day of the year.
        • Day 1 is January 1st and day 365 is December 31st.
        • The y-axis is the number of births that occured.
      • The animation continuously adds an additional day, chosen at random, to the plot.
        • How many births does it take before you start to see a trend in the data?
        • How does what you believe the data to be showing change as more days are added?
  • LA National Historical Museum (Science PD on 2/8/2014)

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