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-**Mobile Data Collection using the Ohmage Platform for Instruction**,​ MMWCOND 2014, Sep 2014 
-[[http://​web.ohmage.org/​~hongsudt/​slides/​Mobilize_mmwcon_2014_HT.pdf|pdf]],​ [[http://​web.ohmage.org/​~hongsudt/​slides/​Mobilize_mmwcon_2014_HT.pptx|pptx]] 
-//​abstract://​ Participatory Sensing (PS) is a distributed data collection and analysis approach where individuals,​ acting alone or in groups, use their personal mobile devices t 
-o systematically explore interesting aspects of their lives and communities. Ohmage (http://​ohmage.org) is a modular and extensible open-source,​ mobile to web part 
-icipatory sensing platform that records, stores, analyzes, and visualizes data from both prompted self-report and continuous data streams. These data streams are a 
-uthorable and can be dynamically deployed in diverse settings. Ohmage has been used as an enabling platform in over 20 independent projects in many disciplines. In 
- this talk, we present the ohmage architecture and how it has been applied to provide an innovative teaching and learning environment for LA Unified School Distric 
-t under the NSF-funded Mobilize Project (mobilizingcs.org). ​