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Frequently asked questions

  • My password is working on, but I can't log in to RStudio
    • If you've changed your password recently, please be patient. The accounts on sync to rstudio once every 15 minutes. So you may have to wait up to 15 minutes after changing your password until your new password can be used on
  • My console keeps showing the “+” symbol instead of the R prompt (“>”). How do I fix this?
  • This is most often caused by a missing close parenthesis, “)”, or less often a missing close curly-brace. “}”. The easiest fix is to focus on the console (act as if you're going to type something into it) and hit the esc key.
  • My RStudio seems to be missing some functions. That is, it says: Error: could not find function “foo”.
  • If you happen to know the package that contains the function, you can load it using the library function. For example, to load the MobilizeSimple package type: library(MobilizeSimple).
  • I'm still having difficulty or the above methods didn't solve my problem.
  • When the Quit R Session box pops up, click on Save to keep the work you've already done.
  • This method is actually fairly successful at solve the majority of problems.
  • How can I clear my console?
  • Focus on the console by click anywhere inside the pane. Then press Ctrl + L on the keyboard.