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 ===== RStudio® ===== ===== RStudio® =====
 ==== What do you want to do? ==== ==== What do you want to do? ====
-  * General information about RStudio  +  * [[rstudio:​general|General information about RStudio]] 
-  * [[rstudio:​ids|IDS]] +  * [[rstudio:​ids|R commands for IDS]] 
-  * [[rstudio:​mzp|Mobilize Prime for ECS]] +  * [[rstudio:​mzp|R commands for Mobilize Prime for ECS]]
- +
- ​* ​For an explanation of the panes in RStudio®see [[rstudio:Panes]]. +==== Frequently asked questions ==== 
- +  ​* ​//My password is working on https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org,​ but I can't log in to RStudio// 
-  * Learn how to [[rstudio:​open_data|open data]] of different types (like .csv, .rda, .robj files)+    * If you've changed your password recentlyplease be patient. ​ The accounts on lausd.mobilizingcs.org sync to rstudio ​once every 15 minutes.  ​So you may have to wait up to 15 minutes after changing your password until your new password can be used on https://rstudio.mobilizingcs.org
- +   
-  * Start [[rstudio:​Examining_Data|examining data]]. Learn about the [[rstudio:​Examining_Data#​The_dollar_sign|dollar sign]] and [[rstudio:​Examining_Data#​Square_brackets|square brackets]], make [[rstudio:​Examining_Data#​Summaries_of_data|summaries]] ​(or "frequency tables"), find the [[rstudio:​Examining_Data#​Length_and_dimension|length and dimension]] of variable or datasetcreate [[rstudio:​Examining_Data#​Tables|tables]] (or "contingency tables")and [[rstudio:​Examining_Data#​Determining_data_type|determine the data type]] for dataset or variable +  * //My console keeps showing ​the "​+"​ symbol instead of the R prompt ​(">"). How do I fix this?// 
- +    * This is most often caused by missing close parenthesis, ")", ​or less often missing close curly-brace"​}"​. The easiest fix is to focus on the console ​(act as if you're going to type something into itand hit the ''​esc''​ key
-  * [[rstudio:​Finding_things_out|Find things out about data]], like how to [[rstudio:​Finding_things_out#​Sorting|sort]] data, and find [[rstudio:​Finding_things_out#​Descriptive_statistics|descriptive statistics]] ​(like mean, median, mode, max, min).  +   
- +  * //My RStudio seems to be missing some functions. That isit says:// ''​Errorcould not find function "​foo"''​
-  * Learn how to [[rstudio:​Putting_things_together|put things together]]using the [[rstudio:Putting_things_together#​equals_sign|equals sign]], by [[rstudio:Putting_things_together#​Creating_vectors|creating vectors]], using [[rstudio:​Putting_things_together#​column_and_row_binding|column- and row-binding]],​ or [[rstudio:​Putting_things_together#​transforming_data|transforming data]].  +    * If you happen to know the package that contains ​the functionyou can load it using the ''​library''​ function. For example, to load the MobilizeSimple package type''​library(MobilizeSimple)''​
- +   
-  ​* If you only care about a piece of the datalearn how to use the [[rstudio:​Subset_data|subset]] commandhow to [[rstudio:Subset_data#​subsetting_with_text|subset with text]] or do [[rstudio:​Make_maps#​spatial_subsetting|spatial subsetting]].  +  * //I'm still having difficulty ​or the above methods didn't solve my problem.// 
- +    * [[rstudio:closing_rstudio|Follow ​the instructions here to quit RStudio]] and then sign back in. 
-  * For geographic data, learn how to [[rstudio:​Make_maps|make a map]], [[rstudio:​Make_maps#​zooming|zoom in]], [[rstudio:​Make_maps#​Spatial_subsetting|create a spatial subset]], ​or make a [[rstudio:​Make_maps#​bubble_chart|bubble chart]].  +    **When the //​Quit ​Session// box pops upclick on //​Save// ​to keep the work you've already done.**  
- +    * This method is actually fairly successful at solve the majority of problems
-  ​To make plots, learn about the [[rstudio:plots|plot command]], as well as the specific ways to create ([[rstudio:​plots#​bar_plots|bar plots]], [[rstudio:​plots#​mosaic_plots|mosaic plots]], [[rstudio:​plots#​histograms]], ​and [[rstudio:​plots#​box_plots|box plots]]. If you want to change something about a plot, check out [[rstudio:​plots#​changing_things_about_plots|changing things about plots]] to learn how to change axis labels, add a title, change colors and symbols, rotate labels and more! If you want to use a plot in another document, learn how to [[rstudio:​plots#​Saving_plots|save a plot]].  +   
- +  * //I've quit and restarted RStudio and am still having problems.//​ 
-  ​For text analysis, start by [[rstudio:​Text#​Initializaing_text|initializing text]] so knows how to interpret itthen [[rstudio:​Text#​Looking_at_text_data|inspect text]] and [[rstudio:​Text#​Processing_text|process text]] ​to convert words to lower case, remove numbers, etcTo analyze your text, create a [[rstudio:​Text#​Bar_plot_of_words|bar plot]] or [[rstudio:​Text#​Word_cloud|word cloud]]+    * [[:contact|Contact our support team by e-mail ​or telephone.]] 
- +   
-  * Learn how to [[rstudio:​Finding_Help|find Help]] ​and [[rstudio:Closing_RStudio|close RStudio®]], ​or see some [[rstudio:​Tips_and_Tricks|Tips and Tricks]] or [[rstudio:​Useful_Terms|Useful Terms]]If you're stuck, check out the [[rstudio:​FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] page. +  * //My screen is so small that it's hard for me to read.// 
- +    * [[rstudio:panes#​other_tips_tricks|Find some tips on pane layout and window management here.]] 
-  * Get a one-page summary of relevant R commands from {{:​rstudio:​rsheet.pdf|R Cheat Sheet}}. ​  +  ​ 
- +  * //How can I clear my console?/
-== Video Tutorials == +    Focus on the console by click anywhere inside the paneThen press ''​Ctrl + L''​ on the keyboard.
-There are also a number of video tutorials that can help you through some of the content on this wiki. They can be found, by topic here: +
-  * [[http://youtu.be/0h2b3sO5DT8|Introduction to Rstudio®]] +
-  * [[http://youtu.be/​cFiTUg_B934|Plots]] +
-  * [[http://youtu.be/e2XkA-_OovM|Map analysis]] +
-  [[http://​youtu.be/​kgu6a55X2JA|Text analysis]] +
- +
-All rights to RStudio® and Shiny™ are exclusive to RStudio, Inc.+