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 ==== What do you want to do? ==== ==== What do you want to do? ====
   * [[rstudio:​general|General information about RStudio]]   * [[rstudio:​general|General information about RStudio]]
-  * [[rstudio:​ids|IDS]] +  * [[rstudio:​ids|R commands for IDS]] 
-  * [[rstudio:​mzp|Mobilize Prime for ECS]] +  * [[rstudio:​mzp|R commands for Mobilize Prime for ECS]]
-  +
 +==== Frequently asked questions ====
 +  * //My password is working on https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org,​ but I can't log in to RStudio//
 +    * If you've changed your password recently, please be patient. ​ The accounts on lausd.mobilizingcs.org sync to rstudio once every 15 minutes. ​ So you may have to wait up to 15 minutes after changing your password until your new password can be used on https://​rstudio.mobilizingcs.org.
 +  ​
 +  * //My console keeps showing the "​+"​ symbol instead of the R prompt (">"​). How do I fix this?//
 +    * This is most often caused by a missing close parenthesis,​ "​)",​ or less often a missing close curly-brace. "​}"​. The easiest fix is to focus on the console (act as if you're going to type something into it) and hit the ''​esc''​ key.
 +  ​
 +  * //My RStudio seems to be missing some functions. That is, it says:// ''​Error:​ could not find function "​foo"''​.
 +    * If you happen to know the package that contains the function, you can load it using the ''​library''​ function. For example, to load the MobilizeSimple package type: ''​library(MobilizeSimple)''​.
 +  ​
 +  * //I'm still having difficulty or the above methods didn't solve my problem.//
 +    * [[rstudio:​closing_rstudio|Follow the instructions here to quit RStudio]] and then sign back in.
 +    * **When the //Quit R Session// box pops up, click on //Save// to keep the work you've already done.** ​
 +    * This method is actually fairly successful at solve the majority of problems.
 +  ​
 +  * //I've quit and restarted RStudio and am still having problems.//
 +    * [[:​contact|Contact our support team by e-mail or telephone.]]
 +  ​
 +  * //My screen is so small that it's hard for me to read.//
 +    * [[rstudio:​panes#​other_tips_tricks|Find some tips on pane layout and window management here.]]
 +  ​
 +  * //How can I clear my console?//
 +    * Focus on the console by click anywhere inside the pane. Then press ''​Ctrl + L''​ on the keyboard.