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What do you want to do?

What do I do when something breaks?

  • My console keeps showing the “+” symbol instead of the R prompt (“>”).
    • This is most often caused by a missing close parenthesis, “)”, or less often a missing close curly-brace. “}”. The easiest fix is to focus on the console (act as if you're going to type something into it) and hit the esc key.
  • My RStudio seems to be missing some functions. That is, it says: Error: could not find function “foo”.
    • If you happen to know the package that contains the function, you can load it using the library function. For example, to load the MobilizeSimple package type: library(MobilizeSimple).
  • I'm still having difficulty or the above methods didn't solve my problem.
    • When the Quit R Session box pops up, click on Save to keep the work you've already done.
    • This method is actually fairly successful at solve the majority of problems.
  • I've quit and restarted RStudio and am still having problems.
  • My screen is so small that it's hard for me to read.