About This Guide

The preliminary sections in this guide will be to get you started in RStudio®– how open the program, load in data, and understand the various panes that divide the page. Then, topics will be covered in roughly the order they are mentioned in the curriculum.

The majority of this guide will be largely concerned with short code snippets, showing code in a format like this

## [1] 132.9

When you see this type of formatting, you can know that the top section was run in the Console (see Panes in RStudio for more information about the Console), and the results are shown on the lines designated by ##. Most times that something is shown with button clicking in the RStudio® interface, corresponding R code will be shown in this same format.

The data used in the examples shown on this wiki are from the Exploring Computer Science Unit 5 materials (available here). Most examples use the labike.csv file, the cdc.rda file or the CATwitter.robj file.

What do you want to do?

  • Get a one-page summary of relevant R commands from R Cheat Sheet.

Video Tutorials

There are also a number of video tutorials that can help you through some of the content on this wiki. They can be found, by topic here:

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