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Text Analysis

Initializing text

To start doing any type of text analysis, you need to initialize the text so R knows how to interpret it. The way to do this is by using the initializeText() function,

TwitterText = initializeText(twitterwithdate$message)

As with everything else, you need to give your new data a name so it doesn’t just print out in the Console. After running this command, you should be able to see your new variable in the Workspace tab, as in Figure 22
However, if you click on it, you’ll likely get a warning like the one in Figure 23

Text initialized Text initialized, as seen in the Workspace pane.

Text preview warning Warning about previewing text data- I recommend saying “No”

Looking at Text Data

If you want to look at text data and not get a warning like the one in 23, use the command inspect() and the head() command,