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-====== Terms ====== 
-== Mobilize ==  
-Mobilize ([[http://​www.mobilizingcs.org]]) is an NSF funded project with the goal to develop and deploy innovative methods for educating and engaging students in computational thinking and data analysis in STEM education. ​ 
-==Mobilize data collection app== 
-Refer to [[terms#​Mobilize phone app|Mobilize phone app]] 
-==Mobilize mobile app/​Mobilize phone app== 
-A mobile application that provide data collection capability. This application is available on three different platforms---1) Android Play Store under the app name "UCLA MobilizingCS",​ 2) Apple ITune under the app name "UCLA MobilizingCS",​ and 3) Web-based data collection through desktop browsers at [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​survey]]. Students with smartphones can download this app to start collecting data or collect data using paper and pencil then visit the previous URL to enter data on a computer. 
-==Mobilize platform== 
-Mobilize is a mobile-to-web platform. It consists of smartphone applications for doing data collection, and web frontend for data management and data visualization. The Mobilize platform is empowered by [[terms#​Ohmage|ohmage]]. 
-==Mobilize web frontend== 
-The web frontend provides students secure access to their data. It supports secure login, campaign management, data management and basic campaign monitoring and visualization. ​ 
-An underlying participatory sensing platform that the Mobilize platform is customized from.