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== Mobilize == : Mobilize ( is an NSF funded project with the goal to develop and deploy innovative methods for educating and engaging students in computational thinking and data analysis in STEM education.

==Mobilize data collection app== : Refer to Mobilize phone app

==Mobilize phone app== : A mobile application that provide data collection capability. This application is available on three different platforms—1) Android Play Store under the app name “UCLA MobilizingCS”, 2) Apple ITune under the app name “UCLA MobilizingCS”, and 3) Web browsers at Students with smartphones can download this app to start collecting data or visit the previous URL to submit data through a browser.

==Mobilize platform==: Mobilize is a mobile-to-web platform. It consists of smartphone applications for doing data collection, and web frontend for data management and data visualization.

==Mobilize web frontend== : The web frontend provides students secure access to their data. It supports secure login, campaign management, data management and basic campaign monitoring and visualization.

==Ohmage== : An underlying participatory sensing platform that the Mobilize platform is customized from.

==Rstudio== :