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-===== XML Editing ===== 
-A future plan of the Mobilize project is to provide to students the basic XML editing skills needed in order create their own campaigns for use in [[http://​ohmage.org|ohmage]]. Below are some instructions for getting started, and links to more in-depth XML resources (as well as the specific XML schema in use by [[http://​ohmage.org|ohmage]]. 
-==== Getting Started ==== 
-You can get started editing with only a [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Text_editor|text editor]], but we'd suggest using a few well-known text editors that can do XML [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Syntax_highlighting|syntax highlighting]],​ which will greatly help new users understand the flow of XML. 
-=== Text Editor Suggestions === 
-  * Windows: [[http://​notepad-plus-plus.org/​|notepad++]] 
-  * Mac OS: [[http://​www.barebones.com/​products/​textwrangler/​|Text Wrangler]] 
-=== Terms and Grammar === 
-Additionally,​ some basic knowledge of XML terms and grammar are suggested. A great resource for these is the [[http://​www.w3schools.com/​xml/​default.asp|W3Schools page on XML]]. 
-==== Creating campaign XML ==== 
-Campaign definition is described in an XML file. A description of this XML schema is available at the [[https://​github.com/​cens/​ohmageServer/​wiki/​Campaign-Definition|campaign definition page]]. 
-  * An ppt file on how to create your own xml (Will be available shortly) 
-=== Campaign Examples === 
-If you just wanted to get started creating a campaign fast, we recommend that you take one of the following examples as a template, and modify the content where necessary. We leave some comments at the top to help guide you with the modification. ​ 
-  * [[http://​web.ohmage.org/​mobilize/​mzp/​resources/​BirdSighting.xml|Bird Sighting Campaign]]: This campaign demonstrates the use of basic prompt types. 
-  * [[http://​web.ohmage.org/​mobilize/​mzp/​resources/​ShortSnack.xml|Short Snack Campaign]]: This campaign demonstrates the use of basic prompt types with simple conditions. 
-Note: For more advanced campaign, take a look at [[https://​github.com/​ohmage/​server/​wiki/​Campaign-Definition#​wiki-examples|this sample]] for example. ​ 
-=== Uploading campaign XML === 
-After the campaign definition is created, please login to [[https://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org|the Mobilize Web Frontend]], select the campaign tab, then create campaign to upload your campaign. ​ 
-==== Campaign Authoring Tool (alpha version) ==== 
-[[http://​lausd.mobilizingcs.org/​campaignAuthoringTool|Campaign Authoring Tool]] provides a GUI for creating a campaign. ​ 
-Note: The tool is still in the alpha version. ​