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XML Editing

A future plan of the Mobilize project is to provide to students the basic XML editing skills needed in order create their own campaigns for use in ohmage. Below are some instructions for getting started, and links to more in-depth XML resources (as well as the specific XML schema in use by ohmage.

Getting Started

You can get started editing with only a text editor, but we'd suggest using a few well-known text editors that can do XML syntax highlighting, which will greatly help new users understand the flow of XML.

Text Editor Suggestions

Terms and Grammar

Additionally, some basic knowledge of XML terms and grammar are suggested. A great resource for these is the W3Schools page on XML.

Creating campaign XML

Campaigns used in the Mobilize system are defined using XML. A description of this XML schema is available at the campaign definition page.

  • An ppt file on how to create your own xml (Will be available shortly)

Campaign Examples

If you just wanted to get started creating a campaign fast, we recommend that you take one of the following examples as a template, and modify the content where necessary. We leave some comments at the top to help guide you with the modification.

Note: For more advanced campaign, take a look at this sample for example.

Campaign Authoring Tool (alpha version)

Campaign Authoring Tool provides a GUI for creating a campaign.

Note: The tool is still in the alpha version.